High Volume Bitcoin Mixer
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Your Bitcoin payments are really anonymous!

Crypto currency is, without a doubt, a convenient and anonymous payment Method: you may use it to buy and sell goods and services, as well as perform internal transactions to other users. Despite Bitcoin's high level of anonymity, you should be aware that, thanks to blockchain technology, crypto currency usage is also highly public. Outsiders can simply follow the transfer of your funds if they know where you expect the payment or from whose address you send it. Many digital mixers and btc-exchange exchanges need identity verification, which makes your personal information public to varied degrees.


UltraMixer offers a unique mixing service with a high level of privacy, ensuring the anonymity of your payments by combining various Bitcoin addresses. Our technology works swiftly, reliably, and for a minimal fee - but only after funds have been transferred and received to the final address. Of course, all information related to your transaction will be permanently erased.