Questions and answers

I sent Bitcoin for mixing. How quickly will my payment be processed?
It may take 3 to 6 network confirmations for it to be mix and processed.However,it also depend on the size of your payment.
What is the minimum amount that I can mix with your service?
The minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 Bitcoin. The amount below this limit will be lost.
What is the maximum amount I can send for mixing?
The current limit of the mixer bitcoin, which is 200.09150000 Bitcoin.
I got the Bitcoin address for the payment. How long will it remain active?
The address will remain for the next 24 hours. Don't use it after validation period
How many times can I use the Bitcoin address for mixing?
The system of UltraMixer generates a unique address for each user. This address is not reusable.
Can I close the browser page after I send the payment?
Yes ,but remember to save the Bitcoin sending and recieving addresses.Also download the letter of guarantee before closing the browser.
What is a letter of guarantee?
It is the letter with mentioning the details about your particular mixing operation.It is like proof that you have sent your coins for mixing to UltraMixer .When you submit your money in bank the give you a deposit slip,this is same in the case of bitcoin they are providing you the letter of guarantee.
What is UltraMixer code?
After the first use of our service, you receive a unique UltraMixer unique user code.The purpose of this code is to avoid your own coin in the next mixings.
What information about my use of the service do you store?
UltraMixer does not store such information in its data base. We delete all the data after the transaction is done to keep you safe.